(English)Why study in Japan? Mohamed Maatar from Tunisia 2022.10.27 留学生の声 中東・北アフリカ
October 24 Academic Seminar ”Antidumping Duties and their Effects" with Prof. Parsons 2022.10.26 説明会・イベント 中東・北アフリカ
Student Voice - Tunisia/Nagaoka University of Technology / Master in Mechanical engineering 2022.10.22 留学生の声 中東・北アフリカ
Academic Seminar ”Renewable energy for Electricity, Potable Water and Chemicals " with Dr. Ogawa 2022.10.09 説明会・イベント 中東・北アフリカ
Academic Seminar ”Quantum Computers, Internet and Blockchain" with Prof. Fatih Ozaydin (TIU) 2022.10.03 説明会・イベント 中東・北アフリカ
Student Voice - Saudi Arabia / Ritsumeikan University / Undergraduate/ Information Science and Engineering 2022.09.30 留学生の声 中東・北アフリカ
Academic Seminar "Integrated flood and Sediment management in the river basin" with Dr. Kantoush 2022.09.27 説明会・イベント 中東・北アフリカ
Student Voice - Palestine, Researcher, Nihon University of Medicine 2022.09.23 留学生の声 中東・北アフリカ
Student Voice - Libya / Nagoya University of Commerce and Business / Undergraduate/ Global BBA 2022.09.12 留学生の声 中東・北アフリカ
Student Voice: Message for Future Students -Iran / Kyushu university / PhD / Engineering 2022.08.19 留学生の声 中東・北アフリカ
Student Voice: Student Life in Japan -Iran / Kyushu university / PhD / Engineering 2022.08.10 留学生の声 中東・北アフリカ
Student Voice: Preparing for the MEXT Scholarship -Iran / Kyushu university / PhD / Engineering 2022.08.09 留学生の声 中東・北アフリカ